Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Snow on a beach

So I packed all my 'rettes into a aluminium teachest and set off down the beach toward the dark stormclouds hanging in the distance. Soon the golden shore began to reflect the sky above, and the sand became smooth grey rocks. BOOM goes the ocean CLATTER goes the stones. I sat on a rock and chuffed on my pipe. Two small dogs came up and began to run circles around me, like a pushmepullyou chasing its tail. I receeded from the coast as the storm came in.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Adrift, alone. Or am I?

I was staring at the sand scrunching up my toes.
I thought I were alone.
I went inside to grab my smokes and I thought to myself:
"'ang about m8. Dint ya just have a cigarette 2mins ago? AAh fuck it. I'll ave another"
And I stepped back out onto the beach to see
Lo a beer sticking out of the sand for me.
I picked it up and sucked it dry.

Thx bairy.

I know who you are.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006


So I killed myself again, and I was reincarnated here to this beach. I have left the diner, as the business was failing badly. Now I am relaxing with a pina colada and staring into the sun. Lets go over my life with a loose tooth comb shall we?

-I started out working in a factory until I became disenchanted with my enemies and moved out to the desert and opened Marlenes diner.

-I was poisoned at one point and had to take a year off out of my life. This culminated in the exile of the Birdman and also another self imposed exile of myself to the asteroid-veldt with my monkey-tailed lover.

-I hung myself from the mighty boughs of the mango tree.

Thus begins chapter 2.5.